Tuesday, February 28, 2012

AR Program at Weir Middle

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: This program counts as part of students' grades. At the beginning of each school year students take their STARS test. The STARS test gives the students a range (their reading range from the lowest point to the highest they are capable of, ex. 3.4-6.7.) Based on that range, their Language Arts teacher gives them number of points that they must achieve. Library books are marked with a sticker with the above symbol. On the inside cover of these books there is a reading level and a number of points that can be gained by reading the book. Students choose a book on their level, read it, and take a test. To pass the test they must get at least 60.00% correct. At the end of the year, the school hosts a field trip known as the BIG EVENT to students. At the BIG EVENT, four students--one from each grade--receive a trophy and a T-shirt for getting the most points in their grades. The four runners-up from each grade receive T-shirts, too. You can also earn a prize by having your name drawn. To attend, you must reach your goal 100% 3 times, and get at least 95% the 4th time. If you cheat, you are excluded.

FIND IT ON THE WEB: Weir Middle's Website