Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

ABOUT THE BOOK: This book is about Scout, a little girl growing up during the Great Depression. She has many adventures throughout the story such as finding things hidden it an old gnarled tree, or going with her older brother to the home of a grouchy old lady. She meets interesting characters like Dill, a boy who is staying with his aunt. An important part of of the story is the trial because it leads to other events like fights among the characters.

WHAT I LIKED: Boo Radley; Dill; Calpurnia; and Calpurnia's church.

MY FAVORITE CHARACTER: Boo Radley. Just because he doesn't like to be seen doesn't mean he is bad or unkind. It just means that he's uncomfortable around others because of his origins. For example, he wrapped a blanket around Scout the night of the fire. He saved her and her brother from someone who tried to hurt them, and I think he was the one who left the things in the hollow tree by the schoolyard.

MY FAVORITE PART: The part when Boo wraps a blanket around Scout as she and her brother, Jem, watch the house fire. It was kind of him as he did not really know her.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: The unfairness of the trial. Tom Robinson, who is an African-American, is tried by a jury of racist white men. Even though no likes Bob Ewell, it`s him or an African-American, so of course they pick him. How much justice is in that?

CHARACTER I DIDN'T LIKE: Bob Ewell. He tried to prosecute poor Mr. Robinson for raping his daughter, but it was the other way around. Later he attacked Jem and Scout on their way home. He's an all-around mean guy.

MOM'S TAKE: I've read this book perhaps 20 times, and I still cry at the end over the fragility and sweetness of the character who takes such an interest Scout and Jem's childhood. It was a real joy finally being able to share this with Hannah. There are some serious themes, and, if you aren't comfortable talking to your child about racism, violence and rape, it's not time to share it with them yet. We had some very serious, yet necessary, conversations.

BOTTOM LINE: You should read this book. The fact that it's banned doesn't mean a single thing, and it's somthing that people need to read.

FIND IT ON THE WEB: Harper Lee fansite

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