Friday, October 28, 2011

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

ABOUT THE BOOK: This completely EPIC book is the continuation of Meghan`s, Ash`s and Puck`s, story. It is told through Ash`s POV. It's about Ash`s journey to find a soul, so he can be with Meghan and fulfill his promise to be with her. Accompanied by his ancient rival Puck, and his guide, Grimalkin, he sets out to find a way to survive in the Iron Realm.

WHAT I LIKED: The GINORMOUS surprises and all the new characters. I also think it`s funny that two of the new characters dislike Puck because (of course) he raised their ire.

MY FAVORITE CHARACTER: Grimalkin obviously. He is the optimus maximus (the best and the greatest) because he is the brightest and most sarcastic. He very much reminds me of Yellowfang from Warriors by Erin Hunter.

MY FAVORITE PART: The goblin who tries to steal Ash`s sword. Poor goblin, I guess it was just too stupid to live. Anyway, it is my favorite part because Ash is all like: Nobody touches MY sword.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: The witch lady with the chicken house. I disliked her because she wanted to cook Puck for stealing a broom. A BROOM! He gave it back, too.

THE BOTTOM LINE: You must read this book! Grimalkin is in it! I made a equation: Grimalkin + surprises + new characters = Awesome. It is extremely good. I got it on the 25th and finished on the 26th, because it THAT good.

FIND IT ON THE WEB: Julie Kagawa`s site

Friday, October 21, 2011

Adventures of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

ABOUT THE BOOK: These books are about two kids -- Tom, who was well-brought up by his parents and his Aunt Sally, and Huck, who was the exact opposite. His mom died, but his father doesn't care about him. He lives in a barrel, he smokes, he doesn't go to school and he uses a dead cat to get rid of warts. They go on adventures and find money, see a dead body in a graveyard, see someone get murdered, swear blood oaths, become pirates until they get bored, attend their own funerals, play games "by the book," drove whomever looking after them crazy, and helped Jim the slave escape. 

WHAT I LIKED: Tom was all about presentation -- he had to make things as complicated as possible -- like when he tried to get Jim out of prison, while Huck just wanted to get things done. They were using case knives to dig under the foundation of Jim's prison, and eventually, Tom's hands got sore, and he said that they should use pickaxes and pretend they were case knives. He took a sheet and tore it up to make a rag-rope, even though Jim didn't need a rag-rope, because it was in the books. All it did was make his Aunt Sally very angry.

MY FAVORITE CHARACTER: I liked Tom Sawyer, because he was nice to Huckleberry Finn, who was poor and had no family, except for his dad, who I don't think counts, because he tried to con poor Huck out of his hard-earned money. Huckleberry Finn, because he helped Jim so Jim could escape and not be a slave anymore. He felt guilty sometimes for not turning Jim in, but then Jim would tell him that he was a good friend, so Huck couldn't turn him in. Also, Jim, because he was trying to save his babies. He wanted to escape so he could earn money to save his wife and babies. He wanted to buy them back from slavery.

MY FAVORITE PART:  The class put a cat on a string and lowered it down very gently from the rafters on top of the teacher's head to show that he had a wig. The cat landed on his head, and they pulled it back up, and it had his wig in its claws.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: I didn't like Pap, because he would say "give me money!" and would just buy beer, and never bought books, toys, clothes or food for Huck. He would just buy beer and he was super lazy. He made Huck get him food. Half the time, he just left him and disappeared.

THE BOTTOM LINE: People should read it, but there are a lot of things people might not like. They use bad words to describe people. It's not nice, but they talked that way, because they didn't know any better. It was weird, when the preacher talked about how God loved everyone, but they didn't treat the African-American people right.

MOM'S TAKE: This was a valuable book to start discussions about slavery, Civil Rights and how other people should be treated. We talked about how our country has changed, and what we still need to do.

FIND IT ON THE WEB: The Official Web Site of Mark Twain

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why the Leaves Turn by Me

I wrote this by myself, and it's an Aboriginal story. I wrote it for Ms. Donefee, my gifted teacher. We are studying Australia, and she told us to write Dreamtime stories. Dreamtime is Australian mythology. It explains why things are the way they are now.

Why the Leaves Turn

     A long time ago, in the Dreamtime, there were three friends. Their names were Mendlav the Kangaroo, Abi the Eagle and Bali the Robin, and they would run in the region of what is now Queensland.

     The leaves never turned colors, and the animals had no warning of winter. Every year, the animals would suffer from hunger and cold.

     One day, Abi complained, "winter is always creeping upon us -- we never have enough time to migrate!"

     "I believe that we must do something," said Mendlav, "or this shall go on forever."

     "Aha! I know what we must do!"

     "What is it, Bali? Tell us," begged the eagle and kangaroo.

     So Bali told them his brilliant plan on how to warn the other animals. They agreed it was a great idea, and they would try it soon. 

     The next day, Abi flew high into the sky to watch for winter. Five days later, Bali heard Abi's cry, "winter is coming!"

     Bali began rubbing the leaves with his red chest until they turned red. When Mendlav saw the red, orange and yellow leaves, he kicked the trees so the leaves fell. Animals began to prepare for winter.