Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa

ABOUT THE SERIES: This series is about a girl, Meghan Chase. Her best friend is an ancient fairy who likes to give people donkey heads. Her brother is stolen by a  fairy, and she has to go to the Nevernever to get him back. She meets the Winter Prince, Ash, who is hunting her. (It's kind of creepy.)

WHAT I LIKED: The super-awesome, sassy cat, Grimalkin; Puck's pranks (mostly) are very funny; cool fights between the good characters and the bad ones (like Titania--although she's not exactly bad, she's just not nice); the characters have a lot of background, so it gives you an idea of what the characters are like.

MY FAVORITE CHARACTER: Grimalkin, Cait Sith (fairy cat). He's just awesome. He's smarter than everyone else and very cool about it. He plans ahead. So does Ash, but Grimalkin is obviously cooler!

MY FAVORITE BOOK: The Iron Daughter, because Meghan kicks butt and saves the guy!

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Too much kissing.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Read these books! I liked the plot and the characters (except Rowan--he's a jerk). The plot isn't ridiculous, like some, and the characters seem more real.

MOM'S TAKE: An interesting, unique twist on the fairy mythos, with a strong female lead. Despite what Hannah says, there isn't a lot of "kissing." I was very comfortable with her reading this series. This is a great series for girls who are pre-teens and teenagers and enjoy fairies. 

FIND IT ON THE WEB: Julie Kagawa's website.

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