Friday, July 15, 2011

Beyonders: A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull

ABOUT THE BOOK: It is about Jason, a 16-year-old baseball pitcher, who is sucked into another world (called Lyrian) through a hippo. (Weird.) He was summoned by the Giddy Nine. He meets Rachel (she's 16, too) who walked under a rock formation while on an outing with her parents. They meet the Blind King and, to get back to their own world, they have to defeat the evil emperor Maldor.

WHAT I LIKED: Maldor's minions; the seed people; the hippo (who doesn't like a hippo?); death pies; Jason outsmarting people; Rachel was just plain awesome; Ferrin.

MY FAVORITE CHARACTER: The Blind King. He was nice, he did cool things and he tried to help other people. He's blind AND awesome.

MY FAVORITE PART: Jason faces off with a funky snake that can make him say crazy things.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Jason and Rachel were betrayed by someone they trusted. And that's not fun.

THE BOTTOM LINE: You should read this book! There's no heroes, and Maldor is really mean to the people and enslaves them. There's nothing good about that. But Jason and Rachel come to save them!

MOM'S TAKE: The running theme in this book is doing the right thing despite any difficulties. This book would be good for both girls and boys who are reading longer chapter books and like fantasy. 

FIND IT ON THE WEB: Brandon Mull's website.

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